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'the sound of a heart unravelling'

The debut album released 1st July 2013 on Immure Recordings

Listen to the album here watch the ‘Playground 71’ video here

“A gorgeous mesh of looping sonics; a musical display that could soundtrack every moody walk in the empty streets as the lights go out and the night sets in. It's gloomy, but gloriously so“ This Is Fake DIY “Keep an eye on these two, they’ll impress over the coming months” Bearded Magazine

“The healthy mix of guitar, keys, synthesizer and programmed drums produces something that gives off something of a Radiohead/Portishead vibe – but with a twist that is undeniably a work of genius” Musika

From an idea born in a Brooklyn bar and recorded in an out-of-season Alpine hotel, Deptford-based duo Frank’s Daughter have produced ‘The Sound Of A Heart Unravelling’, a debut album of desolately exquisite melancholy. This is intelligent, emotive post-rock that should appeal to fans of Talk Talk, Portishead, Massive Attack, Radiohead, even Kate Bush.

Frank’s Daughter are Frank (vocals, guitar, keys) and Arthur (guitar, bass, programming), who met in New York while playing in different bands. The idea for Frank’s Daughter was born in a bar in Brooklyn over much red wine and many, many whiskies. Both musicians had studied Fine Art, and they wanted to create a mood, a colour, rather than a perfectly packaged album.

Feeling they could not achieve this back home in London, they took up residence for three months in a secluded Alpine chalet, which was under renovation and had no electricity except for in the attic studio. Contact with the outside world was minimal. It was an escape from modernity in its purest sense. Consequently ‘The Sound Of A Heart Unravelling’ is incredibly haunting. There is a sadness to it that feels pure, that in part comes from their removal from urban life.

After making the finishing touches to the album in their Deptford studio the band decided that their preferred medium for its release is vinyl - vinyl being the choice of those who respect music as an art form rather than using it as a soundtrack to treadmill running or tube journeys - though there will also be a download version available. The duo’s background in visual art is obvious from the care they have taken with the album promos. Every vinyl and CD copy has been wrapped in black tissue and twine, and given a blue wax stamp with the band’s logo.

Frank’s Daughter’s debut single ‘Fall Fully Backwards’ was released in March, picking up plays on Xfm and 6Music. New AA single ‘Playground 71‘/’Best Glow’ will be released on 17th June.

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