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Born in Brooklyn over several bottles of red wine and many, many whiskies.

Frank’s Daughter are Frank (vox, guit, keys) & Arthur (guit, bass, programming).

they returned to london (which they now call home) with an idea.

many months of total isolation, a van full of recording equipment, a closed season alpine hotel,

and a blank page followed. recording through snowstorms & mountain blizzards.

they were lost together, they suffered fear, isolation & confusion together.

black dogs reared their ugly heads, until finally they came through the thick, icy fog and found

“Frank’s Daughter”.

The next step for Frank’s Daughter is the double AA side single “Playground 71/Best Glow” released June 10th 2013

and following on from their critically acclaimed debut single “Fall Fully Backwards” released earlier this year.

An atmospheric, haunting tune propelled by staccato drums, layered synths and a bittersweet vocal,

followed by the eagerly anticipated debut release longplayer “The Sound of a Heart Unravelling”.

2 years in the making, “The Sound of a Heart Unravelling” Is also set for release this summer.

is the mesmerisingly sensitive work that mines the depths of true emotional darkness,

empathy and stunning beauty. And is scheduled for release this

June on beautiful limited edition heavy weight vinyl.

From their early years as artists, Frank’s Daughter yearned for a lost past,

striving for a future where music & art collide, culminating in something you touch, hear, feel & taste.

they constructed a unique way of working,

where melody and lyric fall into the music in one movement, created in an instant together.

like a brush stroke, never to be repeated, or re-recorded.

what you hear is the feeling of that moment, a moment that the singer can never recreate.

combined with music that is crafted and honed until the combination is in perfect harmony.

“the sound of a heart unravelling” was created using this process and is 10 heart-wrenching,

beautifully crafted songs. equally haunting and compelling in their honesty and openness.

comparisons can be drawn with Talk Talk, post Kid-A Radiohead, Portishead,

Massive Attack, even Kate Bush.

but “unravelling” has a distinctive flavour in its own right, a unique taste that is both special and new.

from the windswept coastal landscape cunjured up in “we were waves once”,

the stark and honesty of “best glow” through to the bristol influenced “larvik”

finally resting on the hopeful “peace, sleep, goodnight” you will find your own favourites.

suffice to say we are very excited about this record - and hope you will be too.

nav sn